Tips and Tricks: Setting Up GMail on Your Kindle Fire

Some people are having difficulty accessing Google's GMail on their Kindle Fires, and so this post is designed to help. Unfortunately, the straightforward way of selecting GMail from the original list of options doesn't seem to work, but by jumping through a few hoops you'll be able to get everything just the way you want it. Here's what to do for that, and I'll add a few notes at the end about remove favorites and deleting browser bookmarks.

Configuring GMail
First, go to the Fire's email app, select GMail, and then go to mail setting to turn on IMAP (which stands for Internet Message Access Protocol). Once you've entered your username and password, you'll want to choose IMAP on the Account Type screen.

You'll then be brought to a screen that appear to have incorrect information on it, misreading your username, server, and security type. Correct that information with your proper email address, the IMAP Server: , and Security Type: SSL.

You'll have to configure your outgoing server settings on the next screen. For STMP Server:, and Security Type: TLS. And after that you should be able to access your GMail account with no problem!

Removing Favorites

Press the icon and hold until a pop-up appears with the option to "Remove from Favorites." Note that there are some favorites that can't be removed.

Deleting Silk Browser Favorites

Similar to above, press and hold the bookmark until a pop-up appears with a few options. Hit "Delete."

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